Membership Levels

Tomball offers a variety of membership options to fit your needs.

Full Family Membership

(value fluctuates with demand like common stock)

  • Equity Owner voting membership w/full club access.
  • Initiation $400 (Currently) plus equity transfer fee ($100) for a total of $500.
  • $195 per month

Young Adult Membership

(under age 35)

  • Pay one half the $500 initiation fee ($250) on Board approval.
  • 2/3 the current Full Family Membership dues for a non-voting, family membership on a year-to-year contract renewable each year with Board approval.
  • Unlimited golf privileges.
  • Upon reaching the age of 35, Young Adult Member may resign or convert to Full Family Membership by paying the balance of the initiation fee. At such time his/her dues will then become the current Full Family Membership monthly dues and he/she will be issued a stock certificate with full voting privileges.
  • $140 per month

Student Membership

  • High School, Technical School and College students eligible.
  • 3 month summer membership (June, July & August) for $150 payable up front.
  • Additional students from same family $75 each payable up front.
  • Unlimited golf Tuesday--Friday; after 12:00 Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Can bring parent or guardian as guest for normal guest fee.
  • Students with valid drivers licenses can rent carts at regular rate. Cannot use own power carts.
  • Non-voting membership

Corporate Membership

  • 4 persons from a corporation approved by the TCC Board of Directors.
  • Paid by the corporation through a single individual.
  • Unlimited golf.
  • Voting membership, 1 vote per corporation.
  • $500 per month

Temporary/Trial Membership

  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access.
  • 60 days (consecutive).
  • One time per family offer.
  • $350 for 2 months; must be paid prior to start of trial membership.

Teacher Membership

(school employee)

  • Non-equity family membership.
  • Limit 20, Renewable annually.
  • $500 for the months of June, July and August only.

Out of Country Membership

  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access.
  • Any 90 days in weekly increments.
  • $500 per year

Out of Town Membership

(over 75 miles)

  • Non-equity family membership w/full club access.
  • Limited to 6 rounds per month.
  • $55 per month

Tomball Country Club also offers a monthly cart rental program for $80/month.

All prices, with exception of the Full Family Membership Initiation and Transfer Fees, are subject to sales tax.
Prices are subject to change without notice.


How do I join?

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